Mayo Clinic on Managing Incontinence

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  • ISBN:9780795342028

Many people are reluctant to discuss bladder and bowel control issues with their doctors. Yet tens of millions of people experience some form of incontinence. Incontinence isn't something that's easy to talk about, but discussing it is often the first step in getting help.

Today, people with incontinence have more reasons than ever to turn to medical experts for help. Most incontinence, whether bladder or bowel, can now be improved or cured.

The detailed information found in the new Second Edition of Mayo Clinic on Managing Incontinence provides you with the confidence to start the communication process and benefit from the treatments that are available today.

It has long been thought that incontinence was often just a result of the aging process and there wasn't much that anyone could do to reduce or eliminate its effects. That's no longer true.

Doctors have made significant treatment advances. New medications can reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence. Adjustment in diet and lifestyle also can help a great deal.

Mayo Clinic on Managing Incontinence explains the most frequent causes of—and most effective treatments for—loss of bladder and bowel control.

You'll learn what you can do on your own to improve your symptoms… how to select a medical care provider... how to prepare for a relaxed and productive office visit… and how you and your doctor can pinpoint the most likely cause of your symptoms.

This book is your roadmap to reducing or eliminating problems with bladder and bowel control. Take advantage of this knowledge to improve your life.

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