Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance

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  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN:9780795340819

Two of the most common reasons people visit a doctor are hearing loss and dizziness. Now you can get the expertise of Mayo Clinic right in your home to improve them both.

Today we have more options for treating hearing loss than ever before. You may be an ideal candidate for one of the many astounding improvements in hearing technology. Medicine and even social attitudes about hearing loss have changed for the better, too.

Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance, Second Edition offers helpful guidance to find an effective treatment for your ear-related problems—one that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

• Sometimes hearing loss stems from drugs and environmental chemicals. The book names several common culprits. Hearing improves when use of the drug stops.

• In other cases, minor surgery may be all that's needed. Hearing often improves immediately after the procedure. Another surgical option resulting in permanent hearing provides noticeable results three to six weeks after surgery.

• You'll also learn about dizziness and problems with balance, which are often associated with hearing difficulties. Doctors have identified at least eight common causes of dizziness.

• Another common ear problem is ringing in the ears (tinnitus). The book shares six self-help tips to reduce the severity of tinnitus and help you better cope with its symptoms.

This practical resource can assist you in preserving your hearing, in functioning well in difficult listening situations, and in minimizing the impact of hearing and balance problems in your daily life. Download your copy today.