Integrated 60ghz RF Beamforming in CMOS

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  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN:9789400706613
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  • 出版日期:2017/01/11

Integrated 60GHz RF Beamforming in CMOS describes new concepts and design techniques that can be used for 60GHz phased array systems. First, general trends and challenges in low-cost high data-rate 60GHz wireless system are studied, and the phased array technique is introduced to improve the system performance. Second, the system requirements of phase shifters are analyzed, and different phased array architectures are compared. Third, the design and implementation of 60GHz passive and active phase shifters in a CMOS technology are presented. Fourth, the integration of 60GHz phase shifters with other key building blocks such as low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers are described in detail. Finally, this book describes the integration of a 60GHz CMOS amplifier and an antenna in a printed circuit-board (PCB) package.